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locator and home owners by locate stakes in clearwater county

Why You Need a Private Line Locate

It's Your Land, but You Shouldn't Dig On It…What?!! No, you shouldn't disturb the ground on your land without carefully considering ground disturbance regulations.…

Tim Quintal, icon
Tim QuintalMar 07, 2022
a maze of underground pipes and lines exposed by a dig

Why Some Companies Are Destined to Have a Line Strike

We all like to cut costs, and that's fair… until people start cutting corners. Daylighting or Hand Excavation. Ground disturbance best practice is to expose a…

Robb Sernecky, icon
Robb SerneckyMar 03, 2022
locate stakes mark a complex array of underground lines

How To Hire an Expert Line Locator

Line locating service companies are not governed by specific guidelines, regulations, standards, and best practices. How Can You Tell an Expert Service from a Dud?…

Tim Quintal, icon
Tim QuintalMar 01, 2022
a maze of red locating lines on a concrete sidewalk

Why is a "Cheap" Line Locator Sooo Expensive?

Shopping for the cheapest quote for your job?It usually costs less to hire proven expertise. What is a High Quality Locate? A quality locate will always prove line…

Tim Quintal, icon
Tim QuintalFeb 21, 2022
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