Ground Disturbance Services

TCB Line Locating reduces your risk and enhances damage prevention. We have extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of ground disturbance management.

Our specialized staff will consult directly with your team to thoroughly understand your ground disturbance requirements and assist in risk identification

We will audit 3rd party agreements, place 1 calls for your project, audit line locating diagrams for discrepancies and supervise pipeline crossing inspections.

We can also deliver customized ground disturbance packages to satisfy your every need, and archive project documents and data.

We have successfully completed major projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan, including major pipeline rights-of-way, integrity digs and GD coordination of major pipeline projects.

Line Crossing Inspection Services

Line crossing inspection services are another facet of TCB Line Locating.

Our inspection team is highly qualified and well versed in agreements and ground disturbance best practices. Our inspectors realize that protecting our client’s assets is first and foremost in any crossing or line exposure situation. TCB does not use our line locators for this. We believe line locating and inspection services are two different worlds.

Our inspection team does not skip steps. We hold contractors to the word of the agreements and the laws of ground disturbance.

Our team has overseen multiple crossings, from pipeline construction, to water main installations. From Grande Prairie to Drayton Valley and Edmonton to Hinton, TCB inspection services has been there protecting what matters most to our clients: the environment, their buried utilities, and the lives of all those who would be affected by the misfortune of a line strike.

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