Line Locating Services

We provide comprehensive line locating services for oil & gas industry customers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

We locate pipelines, fiber optic cables, electric cables, gas, sewer and water services. We offer all aspects of line locating, from rights-of-way sweeps to complete gasplant and oil battery locating, new lease construction and all phases of environmental drilling work.

Our crews are thoroughly trained and fully certified. They use the latest technology and techniques, and are equipped to work in all kinds of terrain and weather, in any location.

Our line locating services include rigorous quality management protocols and coordination

You can expect speedy emergency response, fully-annotated, full-color computer-generated drawings and all-inclusive rates.

We also provide comprehensive Ground Disturbance Services and Alberta one-call screening and response.

locate stakes in area congested with risers
Locate stakes in a congested area
locate stakes marking multiple lines
Locate stakes marking multiple lines
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