Private Line Locating Services in Rocky Mountain House

For owners of acreages, farms and residential lots

New Plans for Your Property?

New cabin? Bigger barn? Underground utilities to the garden?

Before disturbing the ground on your property, please consider ground disturbance regulations carefully. It doesn't matter whether your property is urban or rural.

It's not safe to dig, trench, level, plow, plant a tree, or even build a fence before you know what's underground.

Hire a Private Line Locator

TCB provides private line locating services for urban and rural owners of residential lots, farms and acreages.

We locate:

  • electrical power lines
  • gas lines
  • telephone, satellite and cable TV cables
  • metal water lines
  • fibre optic cables with tracer wires
line locators look for underground utilities in urban area

Spotting an Expert Line Locator

There are no industry standards for line locating, so you'll want to be sure your locator is qualified.

How to Hire an Expert Line Locator

I Can't Dig on My Own Land? What!?

Actually, no, not until you are sure about what might be underground.

Why You Need A Private Line Locate

What is Line Locating?

Line locating services identify, locate and mark underground lines like electricity, gas, TV, and buried internet cables.

It's always a good idea to consider yourself and the people around you before starting projects that disturb the ground. The good news is that private utility line locating helps ensure everyone's safety and prevents property damage.

The Ground Disturbance Process

1. Plan Ahead

We recommend starting the locate process 5 days before you begin your project. This is especially important in the busy construction season when there's no snow on the ground.

2. Make Locate Requests

All underground facilities in your work site need to be located and marked. You need to arrange for utility locates (publicly owned utilities) and private line locates for all the lines you own on your side of the utility metre. (Not sure what lines you might own? Read more on our blog: Why You Need A Private Line Locate.

We're happy to handle all this for you. Just call us at (403) 347-1988.

Otherwise, in Alberta, you'll need to

  • Submit an online request at Utility Safety Partners, or
  • Call Utility Safety Partners at 1-800-242-3447 (Mon - Fri, 8:00 - 4:30), and
  • Call your private line locating company to arrange for a locate of your private lines.

3. Work with the Public Utility Line Locators

It's the responsibility of public utility owners to contact you. They might just call and tell you they have no buried utilities in your work area.

Otherwise, it's your responsibility to clear the area to be disturbed in preparation for the locate. Remove any obstructions like automobiles, machinery, or construction materials.

If the work area has locked perimeter fencing, you'll need to arrange a suitable time to meet the locators and unlock the fence.

Once the line locating is complete, the locator will provide you with documentation and explain the markings.

4. Work with Your Private Line Locators

Your private lines, such as water and sewer service lines, sprinkler systems, and any lines connecting buildings on your property, are not registered with Utility Safety Partners. They don't know about these lines, so it's your responsibility to have them located.

TCB will arrange a convenient time to come out and mark your private lines. We'll provide you with a drawing, explain the markings and colour codes, and give you any advice you need to complete your project with minimum risk.

5. Dig Carefully

Always remember: line locating is not an exact science.

You can never be 100% certain all underground facilities have been marked. Please use caution throughout your project, even after locates have been completed.

If digging within 5 metres of any buried facility, the facility representative will specify if their line needs to be exposed. A crossing agreement may be required depending on the company.

If you have questions about digging close to a line, contact us. We'll be happy to help.

Quality Line Locating Can Save Lives

TCB Line Locating helps landowners prepare for ground disturbance projects and reduce their risks. We offer experience-based private line locating throughout Central Alberta and work closely with the one-call center and public utility companies.

We're available 24/7.

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