Ray Marler

Owner / Consultant

Ray Marler, Owner / Consultant, TCB Line Locating

Ray Marler is a co-founder of TCB Line Locating.

I have over 30 years of experience within the pipeline industry and have been the managing lead, owner or co-owner for 15 of those years. In those businesses I insisted that integrity, reliability and high-quality services be integrated into the practices of every project that we took on.

In the twelve years that I have been in the owner’s box, I've managed to direct the operational teams in such a way they have become leading authorities in Alberta pipeline maintenance.

Our reliability and comprehensiveness are demonstrated by the variety and loyalty of our clientele. In the background, the companies I am involved with help energy producing and transmission companies isolate the public from the native risks of energy transport.

I am a proud husband of 23 years and a father of two daughters. My interests include taking hunting trips and travelling with my family.

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